Breaking any of these terms of service gives Trase.Dev and all his associates access to decline giving support and can result in your license resource(s) being revoked.

  1. Reselling any offical Trase.Dev asset without correct authorization.
  2. Purposely attempting to promote any Trase.Dev asset in a negative and/or malicious way.
  3. Attempting to leak, crack, decrypt, or view any decrypted code.
  4. Attempting to abuse any Trase.Dev asset’s features, such as discord logs.
  5. Refunds are not allowed, nor offered. All sales are final.
  6. Support will not be given if you do not have the Customer discord role.
  7. Any customer who decides to leave the discord, or gets there account punished from discord is NOT entitled to receive any incentives back, including discord roles.
  8. Affiliated with any leaking discords. (e.g. Owner, Manager, Staff, etc)