Configuration Guide

Currently only supports ESX, QBCore will be available soon.

This is where you will configure the amount the each specific account is allowed to have. Currently the only accounts are: bank, money, black_money. The default cap is set to $5,000,000.

cfg.max = { -- (type: table)
    ['bank'] = 5000000, -- (type: integer)
    ['money'] = 5000000, -- (type: integer)
    ['black_money'] = 5000000 -- (type: integer)

The administration groups that will not be checked, and that are whitelisted to have as much money they wish. (The check uses the xPlayer.getGroup() so only support ESX groups) [Currently ESX Only supports 3 administrative groups. (user, mod, admin)]

cfg.whitelisted_groups = { 'admin' } -- (type: table)

Will always log to discord as long as the cfg.webhook is a valid webhook.

The flag is the option that will happen when the player is caught having the capped amount. 3 Types are allowed:

  1. Kick
  • Kicks & Wipes the players account money.
  1. Wipe
  • Only wipes the account that has the money.
  1. Log
  • Will only send a discord log and will not wipe or kick the player.
cfg.flag = 'kick' -- (type: string)

The amount of time (in seconds) that the script will check all the players for there money.

cfg.checkTime = 15 -- (type: integer)

A valid discord webhook where logs will be sent when a player has to much money in a specific account.

cfg.webhook = '' -- (type: string)