Configuration Guide

Requires trase_discord

This is a model changer, you will need to add addon peds yourself then configure them below. You can find some nice ones here.

For this script to work it requires my discord API resource, this is to check for discord roles.

config.discord = { -- Required trase_discord:
    enabled = true,
    role = '', -- The discord role of the donator, ensure the value is "number"
    refresh = { -- A command to refresh permissions. (Used to prevent discord rate limits) [ONLY FOR DISCORD PERMS]
        enabled = true, -- Enable commmand?
        command = 'pedrefresh', -- The command to refresh perms
        cooldown = 10 -- Seconds to wait between usage

This is where you will more peds to the pedmenu. (you need to stream any addon peds)

config.peds = {
    [1] = {label = 'DC', model = `a_m_m_fatlatin_01`},
    [2] = {label = 'Monkey', model = `a_c_chimp`},