Configuration Guide

Package Configuration can be found inside the Package Guide category.

This will print debug information to console, will help later for assistance if ever needed.

config.debug = false -- (type: boolean)

The command that needs to be typed in order to claim a package.

config.command = 'tebexclaim' -- (type: string)

This is the most crucial part of the configuration process, if you do this step incorrectly the script will NOT work. To learn how to get your API Key visit here.

config.api_key = 'secret_key_here' -- (type: string)

Here is where you can decide what framework you want to use. Note: If you choose “custom framework” you need to setup the framework and it’s functions in via “frameworks/custom.lua”.

0 = ESX
1 = QBCore
2 = Custom Framework
config.framework = 0 -- (type: integer)

Print in console when a package is claimed (error prints will print regardless of this option)

config.console_prints = true -- (type: boolean)

We currently only added support for “okokNotify”, if you want to use your custom notification system you can change it via “client/functions.lua”.

config.notifications = 0 -- (type: integer)

If enabled, it will send logs to a specified webhook.

config.discord = {...} -- (type: table)