Configuration Guide

This allows for debugging to help locate an issue.

Config.Debug = false -- (type: boolean)

This is where you can enable/disable/setup a mining job

Config.Job = {  -- (type: table)
    Enabled = false, -- (type: boolean)
    Job = 'miner' -- (type: string)

Here is where you can decide what framework you want to use. Note: If you choose “custom framework” you need to setup the framework and it’s functions in via “frameworks/custom.lua”.

0 = ESX
1 = QBCore
2 = Custom Framework
Config.Framework = 0 -- (type: integer)

Can be set to framework OR ox_inventory (if set to framework it will use framework data to check things like if owns a pickaxe, otherwise it will use ox_inventory)

Config.ItemData = 'framework' -- (type: string)

The max amount of rocks that will be spawned at once. (increasing this may cause more performance issues, especially if not using 3-erd eye)

Config.MaxRocks = 20 -- (type: integer)

Time in seconds it takes to create another rock after one is mined.

Config.TimeOut = 10 -- (type: integer)

If enabled it will utilize ox_target, otherwise it will use markers and 3d text. (recommended to have this enabled, really helps performance)

Config.Target = false -- (type: boolean)

This is where you can configure what happens to the pickaxe after each rock is mined.

none = Nothing happens, keep pickaxe
break = Chance to break, edit the % below.
degrade = Decrease the grade of the weapon (requires ox_inventory, edit the % below)
Config.Pickaxe = 'break' -- (type: string)

% chance to break (only works if option above is set to break)

Config.BreakChance = 25 -- (type: integer)

% the pickaxe degrades at per rock mined (only works if option above is set to degrade)

Config.DegradeAmount = 5 -- (type: integer)

This is where you can setup the shop.

Config.Shop = {
    Type = 'ox_context', -- ox_inventory OR ox_context
    Price = 500, -- Please keep in mind, if using ox_inventory you edit prices in the ox_inventory/data/shops.lua
    Weapon = 'WEAPON_PICKAXE' -- Please keep in mind, if using ox_inventory you edit item in the ox_inventory/data/shops.lua

The rest of the config is pretty self-explanitory and does not need any documentation, but if you have a question about anything contact me via discord.